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How to become a Reseller!

Reselling Information

People often ask us if they can sell our service.  While GuerrillaTV is not looking for direct salesmen, we do invite you to resell our service under your own brand.  What does this mean exactly? Well take a look at the info below and please understand, nothing here is concrete.  This is a guide for your understanding, and policies do change.


  • Create your own brand with graphics, logos, pictures, a website, or any other marketing materials that would be needed.
  • Obtain your own customer base or convert your existing one to us
  • Create subscriptions, maintain, and manage your subscribers
  • Tech support troubleshooting to filter issues before reporting to us
  • Help your subscribers with setup of their devices and connections
  • Profit

What we give you

  • A dedicated private chat on Telegram just for our resellers
  • Service updates on additions, removals, or outages
  • Tech support with your customer issues that you are unable to resolve
  • A free web panel to create and manage your subscriptions
  • Tech support with our web panel
  • A free automated billing/payment website for taking payments and automatically creating subscriptions
  • Credits do not expire when you buy them

What we don’t give you

  • The automated website may require CSS coding to adjust the look of it – colors, layout, etc.  We do not provide this service
  • We purchased our own smarters APK, and so we do not provide illegal copies to our resellers.
  • There are no refunds

Pricing Breakdown

  • You purchase credits from us, and resell those credits to your customers.
  • Our service has a base of 2 connections per 1 full credit.  This is the minimum amount that can be sold to your customer for an entire month. Each additional connection sold after the minimum of 2, is .5 credits.  ie, 5 Connections would be 2.5 credits.
  • 1 Month = 30 days, never 31 or 28
  • 1 Credit = 1 Month’s service = 2 Connections
  • You can provide partial month services.  ie, 15 days would cost .5 credits, 10 days would cost .33 credits
  • These connections are not IP locked and can be shared at different locations
  • A minimum of 50 credits are required to be purchased on signup, with 15 the minimum after the fact.
  • Cost per credit = $6

Please reach out to us in telegram if you are interested in being one of our partners,

Current payment methods accepted: Cashapp, Bitcoin

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