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IPTV Troubleshooting: Cannot Connect to the Server

Rejection is not easy and it’s important for you, the user, to know what to do when not allowed to proceed! Below you will find the appropriate steps for finding out how to get back online when you’re having issues connecting to the server.

This article was written with the assumption that you’ve been able to connect perfectly fine up until this point.

Cannot Connect to the Server

  1. Internet Connectivity

    I know it sounds crazy, but have you checked your internet to make sure it’s up and running? You don’t want this to be the last thing you check.  It happened to me after being infuriated for two entire hours.  Don’t be me.

  2. Restart Your Device

    Self explanatory and should be done in most troubleshooting scenarios.

  3. Try Another Application

    It will be in your better interest to keep two different applications setup with your login credentials at all times.  It’s an easy test to see if you’re having an issue with a particular software and will save time troubleshooting unnecessary things.  If one works, and the other doesn’t, stop here as you’ve found your problem. Try reinstalling the faulty software or upgrading to the latest version.  

  4. Subscription Expiration

    Your IPTV streaming application in most cases will show your expiration date for your service. If it doesn’t, check with your provider to make sure you didn’t miss a payment.

  5. Check your Login Info

    Check with your provider to make sure nothing changed with your username and login.  This should not be the case, but should not be ruled out.

  6. Server Credentials

    Some times your provider may need to change portal/DNS URLs in order to stay afloat.  Have you missed any announcements of changes? Check with your provider asap!

    Side note, if you have a MAC address you need to make sure nothing went screwy with your provider’s panel.  Have them verify your MAC in the system.

  7. VPN Connection

    If your VPN is on, try to connect with it turned off.  If your VPN is off, try to connect with it turned on.

  8. Try a Different Device

    I know you didn’t want to do this, but you need to try the connection on a different device.  A phone or computer will do in a pinch.

If you’re still having trouble connecting or have resolved this issue a different way, post a comment below!

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  1. byteme606

    It’s through your app I just downloaded and started a trial. I entered the username and password and that’s what I get when I hit login.

    • guerrillatv

      Alrighty well we will be glad to help as it’s likely a small error on what’s being typed or what we entered as your login info. In order to resolve this matter as quickly as possible please either join our telegram group at or message me on Facebook at

      Thank you!

  2. sperez58868

    Look like I’m not able to login. Just received the credentials for the free trial and I have followed all the instructions to download the app as well as some basic troubleshooting on my fire stick and still I am on able to log in.

  3. Steve

    I’ve been getting allot of buffering or playback error, this is on firesticks and firebox. It’s not on any specific channel. Is there a better player to use besides iptv smarters? Or is this common on the fire devices?

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